Professional Development


    JUNE 2019

    Helen is recognised by the PAA as a Principal Trainer and has over thirty years experience teaching movement, including Pilates and various forms of dance.  Helen is one of Australia’s elite Pilates minds, with a special passion for spine health and assisting clients with scoliosis.

    Helen detected that her step daughter had scoliosis and this discovery led to a path of extensive research and training on the topic. Helen now receives referrals from a range of Allied Health Practitioners who have been impressed with the changes she has been able to effect in clients' bodies.

    Helen is the Studio Director at Precision Pilates in Victoria and a faculty educator for National Pilates Training.


  • SATURDAY, 15 JUNE 2019
    • STUDIO DUET: 11.00AM – 12.00PM
      Helen will be delivering a contemporary Reformer Masterclass, influenced by her passion for movement and extensive experience in the performance and Pilates industries.
      PAA: 1 PDP
      Set to be a unique and enlightening movement experience influenced by Helen’s  extensive experience in the performance and Pilates industries.
      PAA: 1 PDP
    • STUDIO DUET: 3.30PM – 4.30PM


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        Matwork Masterclass: $55

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        Reformer Masterclass: $75

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        Studio Duet: $80

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        Scoliosis Workshop: $450

  • SUNDAY, 16 JUNE 2019
    • WORKSHOP: 8.30AM – 5.00PM
      Curvy Bodies: A Deeper Look at Scoliosis Workshop

      An exciting opportunity to join Helen New to explore Scoliosis within the Pilates scope.

      • enhance your understanding of Scoliosis
      • debunk myths surrounding the condition
      • discuss the current recommended treatment in the Allied Health and Medical spaces
      • explore how we can best utilise Pilates applications in the treatment of Scoliosis

      Helen will take us through understanding clients' Cobb angles and degree of rotation to help us in programming for clients with this condition.

      • observe changes in a Scoliotic client at the workshop and have the opportunity to apply hands on cues
      • understand how to “unwind” the scoliotic curves through set up and basic breathing techniques
      • apply programming strategies
      • assess curvature and devise responsive programs 

      This workshop is appropriate and useful Continuing Education for:
      • qualified Pilates instructors
      • accredited Exercise Scientists or Exercise Physiologists, and other Allied Health professionals
      • PTI Students

      PAA: 8 PDP

  • Barre Attack Foundations Teacher Training

Become a Barre Attack Pro

Barre Attack: the complete Barre Fitness class, combines the best of Pilates, fitness training and Ballet. This is a high-quality, stand-alone certification, and also complements existing Pilates Instructor Training experience for maximum employability.

Using the Ballet Barre and Resistance Bands this format integrates Pilates fundamentals with cardio intervals, core work, functional exercise and dance to create a total body workout.

Over two days attendees will explore technical elements of Barre Attack repertoire and programming, and enjoy plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and experience the work in their own body.

“Barre Attack” is recognised by the APMA for 12 APMA CECS and also by Fitness Australia for 12 CECS once you have received your certification.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate Barre Attack exercises/repertoire;
  • Understand the purpose and benefit of each Barre Attack exercise and section;
  • Understand the format and sequencing structure of the Barre Attack program;
  • Teach a Barre Attack Class;
  • Modify a Barre Attack Class to accommodate client needs and class design requirements.

Barre Attack qualifications are delivered nation-wide: PilatesITC HQ, Pilates Fitness Institute (Myaree) is the host site for Western Australia’s Barre Attack Foundations Teacher Training course with upcoming intake scheduled for 24 – 25 May, 2019. Enrol now via the Barre Attack website.

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    Pilates Fitness Institute delivers a selection of client-facing workshops that also serve as valuable self-mastery opportunities for Students. Topics have included: Don’t hate your hip flexors, Free the knee, Epic Extension and a series of Pregnancy-specific topics. (PFI workshops are not recognised for PDP.) Visit the website for more.