Privacy + Confidentiality

  • Privacy + Confidentiality

As part of your training you are required to undertake work experience with your own clients as well as observation of qualified instructors with their clients. All our student instructors are required to adhere to our privacy policy and treat our clients' personal information with the greatest professionalism.

We respect you and your right to privacy. We often take photos and short videos to share in our learning communities and use as promotional material. If you are not comfortable with this, simply let us know in writing so that we can record and respect your wishes.

Student files are kept in secure facilities at Pilates Training Institute offices with access restricted to only key RTO personnel. All RTO personnel are required to sign a Confidentiality Declaration upon being appointed by the company. Student assessment records are retained in a secure location for a period of 30 years before being destroyed, in accordance with current legislation. Students are encouraged to keep us abreast of changes to personal circumstances so that information held on file is accurate and current.

Information about a student, except as required by law or as required under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations, is not disclosed without the student’s written permission. Where a student consents to disclosure of information, they will be requested to complete the Permission to Disclose Information Form, which provides specific information around what is to be disclosed and to whom. A copy of the completed form will be kept in their student file. Pilates Training Institute is able to provide students with copies of personal information held on request.

As a Registered Training Organisation, Pilates Training Institute is required to report on data it obtains from its students to State and or Federal Government agencies for reasons such as research, statistical analysis and the generation of performance reports for RTOs so they may gain a better understanding of their standing with other RTOs in relation to customer satisfaction. Information RTOs are required to share includes the courses and subjects in which students are enrolled, their age and gender, details of where they were born and went to school. Following guidelines allows for there to be a benchmark in vocational education and training (VET) measurement that in turn provides a more accurate and defined picture of what is happening in the sector. It enables comparison and analysis at all levels of the training system, nationally and within each state and territory. Pilates Training Institute collects this information from students through the issuing of its Enrolment Form provided upon expression of interest in any of our courses.