We often get similar questions directed at us in regards to timing, payment plans, life questions etc. We have popped them all in one place for you! If there is something you need to ask us or want to speak to one of us just contact us at our Head Quarters.

  • # Do I need to complete the Professional Matwork instruction before I can enrol in the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction 10537nat?

    The great thing about the structure of the instructor training is that the six units that are within the Professional Matwork Instruction, also forms the first six units of the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction 10537NAT. This means that you don’t need to do the Professional Matwork Instruction before doing theDiploma of Professional Pilates Instruction 10537NAT. Students who choose to do theProfessional Matwork Instruction but want to do the rest of the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction 10537NAT later receive direct credit transfer for this section and they just complete the remaining 13 units when they’re ready to. Alternatively, for students who know they want that Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction 10537NAT outcome straight away, it’s best to enrol directly in the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction 10537NAT as this saves you a little time and money rather than splitting it up first before completing the remainder at a later date.

    If you decide to complete the Professional Matwork Instruction and/or Professional Matwork and Reformer Instruction component of the the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction 10537NAT first, you will receive direct credit transfer for this. The course hours involved are exactly equal to the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction 10537NAT minus the Professional Matwork Instruction and/or Professional Matwork and Reformer Instruction in all areas and you attend the contact time pertaining to the Diplomaof Professional Pilates Instruction 10537NAT specific units.

  • # I’m a guy, is Pilates an industry for women?

    Pilates was created by a man! Possibly due to early popularity in the dance community, over the years a perception has been built that Pilates is for women. We have certainly found that men love Pilates and are surprised by how challenging and rewarding it is. Pilates is an excellent industry for men, and we warmly welcome all men to our Instructor Training courses.

  • # Do you need to be fit to become an Instructor?

    For freedom of access and equity, there is no compulsory pre-requisite in terms of level of fitness to register for the training but some experience in Pilates obviously helps a great deal. We strongly recommend that you begin attending classes on a regular basis as soon as you enrol in the course as Pilates is a practical course of study. All of our students undergo a huge progression in their own Pilates practice throughout the course and this is all part of the journey.

    There are many possible clients, of all ages, shapes and abilities, so who you become as a teacher will be as individual as each of our clients. We know that our clients don’t want a one size fits all approach. Variety is the spice of life and different teaching styles in the method keep a wonderful balance in the Pilates world.

  • # I have young children, will a new career in Pilates work for me?

    There is a flexible approach to the Work Experience and Self Directed Learning hours, allowing you to schedule these around other commitments. We are open 7 days a week and our busiest times are after hours so there is a great amount of flexibility with completing hours. We have many parents on our Instructor team and Pilates is brilliant for those who want a rewarding but flexible career path.

    The usual length of time given to complete the Professional Matwork instruction is six months and the usual length of time given to complete the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction 10537NAT is twelve months. In order to complete the course during these timeframes, you would need to allow 8-10 hours per week (Professional Matwork Instruction) or approximately 13 hours per week (Diplomaof Professional Pilates Instruction 10537NAT) for Work Experience and Self-Directed Learning. This is a rough guide, however, and we completely understand that some weeks you will be able to do more than others. Fortunately, the course is flexible and allows you to complete these hours as it suits you on a day-to-day basis.

  • # I work full time, can I still manage to compete my qualification and how would this work?

    The vast majority of our students work full time while studying and the course is specifically structured to allow for this. We are open 7 days a week and our busiest times are after hours so there is a great amount of flexibility always plenty to observe and be involved in during these shifts.

    Some instructors even choose to continue their other occupation on a part time basis once they’re teaching Pilates as it provides variety and allows them to explore their passions in multiple career paths. The evolution of the ‘slashie’ is visible in our very own instructor team with Pilates Instructors/Speech Pathologists/Physiotherapists/Radiologists/Hairdressers/Uni Students/Parents/Professional Dancers and much more!

  • # I’m coming from a completely different career background, could being a Pilates teacher work for me?

    Many instructors have made a career change to teach Pilates. If you have no background or prior study of anatomy we highly recommend that you complete the Anatomy and Physiology course that we offer before you start your Instructor Training. Studying basic Anatomy and Physiology before you delve into the Pilates course will see you well prepared for the contact weekends.

  • # I live in regional or remote WA, can I still complete this training?

    We have had students complete the course whilst living all over WA, including students from Geraldton, Exmouth, Margaret River, Newman, Capel and Dunsborough. You can absolutely study to become an instructor without living in Perth. While the majority of the course hours are able to be completed flexibly in a manner that suits your schedule, the contact weekends are compulsory hours at our Myaree studio in Perth. You can complete 100% of your work experience hours at an approved studio though! Being such a practical course, you aren’t able to complete the contact days through distance learning. For this component, you would need to come to Perth for the workshop days. A popular choice is to complete the contact days via private tuition so that you can come to Perth for a period of time. Scheduling private tuition is fairly flexible so that we can find a time to suit you.

    For your Work Experience (observation and teaching hours), we would work with you to plan to fit in as many observation and self mastery hours (self participation in sessions) as you could during those block visits to Perth so that this could be covered off and then we would work out a system for you to complete your teaching hours from your home and this would involved you filming sessions and sending those DVD’s back to us for feedback. There is also now the option to compelte 100% of your Work Experience hours at approved studio close to your home! Additionally there would be assignments and reading that you would do from home and we could also arrange for your written exams to be sat at your home town in the presence of a justice of the peace.

  • # I love Pilates and I want to know more but I’m not sure if I want to be a teacher. Is this training right for me?

    We love this question! Plenty of Pilates devotees have done the training with personal growth in mind. The course is a wonderful way to learn more about Pilates and your own body, regardless of your interest in pursuing a career in Pilates. You will learn skills that can enhance your current career, deepen your understanding of the Pilates method and find a greater understanding and awareness of your own body. If you would like to enhance your Pilates practice while learning in a supportive environment, our courses will definitely suit you.

  • # What is accredited training and why is it important?

    Whilst accredited training is essential, there are very few accredited courses available in WA. Accredited training is training which provides you with a nationally recognised qualification. Accredited Training means that the training course has been submitted to external state government assessment and has been judged to provide the necessary skills training and assessment to make the successful student competent and employable in their field of training. The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is the national regulator for vocational education and training sector.

    Non-accredited training courses have not been checked for quality and standards within the industry. Accredited qualifications have no expiry date and are recognised around the world as Australian qualifications at the completed level. Our industry association, Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA) only recognises accredited training courses. This has a flow on effect as private health funds will only approve Pilates providers who are members of their professional association.

  • # Do you offer online courses or flexible study options?

    The way we deliver the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction 10537NAT is 100% face to face. We find this the best way for students to learn the very detailed course content and have opportunities to workshop concepts, ask questions and meet their peers. We have four studio locations (Myaree, Burswood, Canning Vale and Perth CBD) and although the contact dates are completed at our Myaree location, much of the work experience hours can be completed at any of our locations depending on which may suit you better.

  • # Are there any additional fees aside from the cost of the course?

    We like to be as up front as possible about the costs associated with your Instructor Training. Other than your own Pilates workouts, there are no extra costs involved and your textbooks are included in the price of the training. Head on over here to see all of our pricing on our individual courses.

  • # Am I eligible for financial benefits as a student of Pilates Training Institute?

    The Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruciton 10537NAT qualification offered by Pilates Training Institute is Centrelink approved and you may be eligible to receive ongoing study support benefits while you study with us. If you are on a single parent pension, a carers pension, disability pension, New Start and several others, you may be eligible for the Education Supplement ($62 p/fortnight for full time study for the nominated duration of the course) and/or the Education Entry Payment ($208 one off payment).

    To find out if you’re eligible for Centrelink payments check their website or call 13 24 90 and ask about the above payments. https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/subjects/payments-students-and-trainees If you are eligible, contact us to obtain the appropriate paperwork to submit to Centrelink so that you can start receiving financial support for your training.

  • # Is it relatively easy to find instructors who are happy for you to observe their classes?

    You won’t need to try and find instructors to observe, this is completely contained within the training and we have a booking system for students whereby you would check out our studio timetables, decide which classes suit you for observation and then you book yourself in.